Our Work

Co-operative Games

We believe that cooperative games are a fun, engaging and effective method for bringing people together. Through cooperative games, we foster an inclusive environment that nurtures a sense of belonging, empathy, and solidarity, while channeling aggression into positive outlets. 

Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) at Jumbish is aimed at promoting the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of participants to enhance overall health and well-being. This therapeutic intervention emphasizes the connection between body and mind. We see DMT as a tool for empowerment and building agency in women and girls who are at risk of complex trauma. 

Creative Expression

We use different art-based practices such as theatre, music, storytelling, painting and others as instruments to create safe and inclusive spaces. Our aim with using these different art forms is to aid in developing agency and expression. We are also using cameras as tool to develop photo essays and short films created by the members of the community in an individual and group capacity to take ownership of their stories and build positive identities. 


The communities we work with are largely deprived of formal education and there is a high rate of dropouts. In this scenario it is important to impart literacy skills to children and adults. We endeavor to create an environment of education and learning within the community. We have set up a learning centre where we engage with different stories, poems and games so that children learn while having fun. 

Jumbish Ki Toli

We host open group therapy sessions where participants can enhance their mental health and build a community.We use different ways to to facilitate the expression and discovery of feelings, emotions, and insights. We use integrated creative arts and body-based approach to mental health.